A Beginners Guide to Printers

We all need one from time to time but when purchasing a new printer for the home or office how we can make sure we get the best deal for our environment or situation.

Printer Types:

There are many types of printer available to purchase in stores or online. For the purposes of this article we are just going to focus on the most likely printers used in home or standard office environments.

Inkjet Printers:

These are the most common printers found around the home. They can vary in price dependent on the specifications, performance, features and final quality of the print.

Inkjet printers usually consist of a set of ink cartridges and a print head which is made up of series of tiny holes through which the ink is applied to the paper to produce the final print.

The lower end inkjet printers tend to have two inkjet cartridges, one containing yellow, cyan and magenta colours. The other cartridge is a black one. The higher specification Inkjet printers may have separate cartridges for each of the colours making replacements more efficient. They may also have seven or more cartridges to increase colour ranges but this comes at a higher price.

Inkjet printers can print images and text on a variety of media formats, plain paper, photo-paper, card and envelopes etc.

High quality photographic printing usually comes with a higher price tag especially when looking at A3 size inkjet photo printers.

Laser Printers inkjet printer manufacturers

Most people have only come across a laser printer at work, but over the last few years manufacturers have been trying to make inroads into the home user market with cheaper models aimed at finding their into our homes.

A laser printer works by etching an image onto the paper with a laser which charges the areas over which the laser has passed. A fine dust more commonly known as toner is then blown over the surface of the paper. Due to the nature of the toner it sticks to the parts of the paper previously charged by the laser. After this process the paper passes through a hot roller which fixes the toner to paper to produce the final print.

A laser printer can be used for a variety of printing tasks but the majority of models available for home use are black and white printing only. There are colour models available but come at extra cost.



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