Free Weights Or Weight Machine? Why Machines Must Be Avoided

Free weights or weight machine-which are best? The answer is simple:

Free weights-HANDS DOWN multihead weigher packing machine

Why are they superior? Simply because weight machines restrict your range of motion. While they are excellent for targeting the targeted muscles, they completely ignore the support muscles Don’t get me wrong-they will still do you a lot of good-they are certainly better than nothing. They just aren’t as good because they don’t exercise the supporting muscles. And this could potentially cause injuries as well. Why? Because if you become disproportionally strong in your target muscles–while completely ignoring your support muscles–this will result in a significant imbalance in strength.

This could potentially result in injury when playing sports

Also, you NEED equal strength in all muscles when performing the squat or the deadlift, which weight machines won’t provide. The one slight advantage machines have is that they FORCE you to use the correct technique-something you might get wrong on your own. This could potentially limit injuries when doing high risk exercises like the squat. However, as long as you make sure you know what you’re doing you are safe. If you don’t, I’d recommend a session with a personal trainer to be sure you are using correct technique. -But overall the advantages of free weights more than make up for this small disadvantage. So free weights are the best–but don’t forget that you also need to use them the correct way. Get it wrong and it doesn’t matter which method you use.

What’s the correct training method?

That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want bigger muscles you should slow down and increase your number of reps… and just generally aim for a higher timer under load (TUL). If you want more power, however, your strategy should be to reduce your time under load while making sure each and every rep is as intense as humanly possible. But no matter what, remember that free weights beat weight machines any day of the week.

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